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East Dunbartonshire Council has been carrying out a review of their Primary School Estate triggered by concerns with falling school rolls.  Their plan is to undertake a series of improvements to the delivery of primary school education.  The first phase of their improvement programme is a proposal to merge Lenzie Primary School and Lenzie Moss Primary School.  This will involve

  • building a new school on the Lenzie Moss site,
  • the closure of Lenzie Primary School, and,
  • the demolition of the existing Lenzie Moss Primary School

Our website aims to provide information on the Council’s proposal and outline our counter-arguments.

Situation as at January 2014

East Dunbartonshire Council have now voted to close Lenzie Primary School. The Scottish Government have 6 weeks to consider whether to proceed with this proposal or to overturn this decision.

Did you know?

  1. EDC school projections for Lenzie Primary are vastly underestimated.
  2. The new school capacity is 560-650 children, triple the size of Lenzie Primary.  The combined roll of the two schools is already 551 pupils.
  3. EDC have now stated that if the new school is not large enough, they may revisit catchment areas.
  4. Nursery provision will remain the same, despite the new school being at 3 times the size.
  5. The traffic issues have not been addressed.  Myrtle Avenue is already dangerously congested at school run time. This will only get worse after opening the new school.
  6. Millersneuk Primary is at full capacity.

EDC have not addressed the fundamental concerns with the merger proposal – these need resolved before work starts on the new build or it will most likely be too late to resolve them! Please contact the following elected representatives with your concerns by Thursday 6th February. We have draft wording below that you can tailor if you wish to your specific concerns.

You can influence the Scottish parliament decision, so please help now.

Concerned Lenzie Primary Parents


Draft Wording

1. Traffic issues and safe routes to school

The current traffic congestion, parking of cars on pavements whilst in use by pedestrians and lack of visibility for drivers to see small children crossing the road can only be made worse by the introduction of more traffic due to the increased school roll.

Myrtle Avenue is already heavily congested – however the council have still done nothing to respond to parent and residents concerns regarding this issue.

The health and safety of our children should be the number one priority however the lack of concern shown to the current dangerous situation does not indicate that the council regards this as important.

If current traffic issues cannot be resolved then what faith can we have in the council to develop a safe environment for children during the construction phase as well as when a new school is built.

The proposed drop off zone in the plan for the new school will take away valuable outdoor space from the school and the access to any such zone is limited to one car each way, which will result in traffic chaos close to the school making access by foot or bike unsafe.

2. Involvement of children in the consultation process

East Dunbartonshire Council, without consultation with parents, presented the proposals for a new school to all children at both Lenzie Primary and Lenzie Moss schools.

This left many pupils upset and confused as parents had not previously discussed the possibility with them.

3. Roll projections and school capacity

The overriding concern remains that the capacity of the school may not cater for the increased roll due to extensive building development in the catchment area. The current proposed capacity of 560 may therefore subsequently be increased. We believe that raising the capacity could have a detrimental effect on the education of the children.

We understand that the EDC methodology for predicted roll projection is based on a formula adopted in other areas. We believe however that the impact of the large scale development at Woodilee has been underestimated and the formula does not account for the large number of families with young children occupying these houses.

4. Nursery provision and after school care provision at the new school

Currently the Lenzie Primary School nursery is operating a morning and afternoon session. Given the increased demand from new house building in the catchment area and the fact that the school will be almost tripling in size the level of nursery provision should be reconsidered.