The Proposals

The Council’s Arguments

  1. Educational benefits through the design of the new school:
    • Flexible indoor spaces
    • Outdoor facilities that make use of the space
    • External spaces to extend the learning environment
    • Improved ICT facilities
    • Improved facilities for pupils with additional support needs
  2. The build will result in reduced cost of delivery of education
  3. Reduced property costs due to, e.g.,  lower maintenance, better energy efficiency
  4. Reduced carbon emissions and improved sustainability.

See on the EDC website for a more detailed description of the above.

Our Response

We believe that the proposed merger is flawed due to issues including but not limited to,

  1. Exacerbation of the existing traffic congestion around the school site increasing carbon emissions, etc.
  2. Delivery of improved educational benefit can be gained through improvements to the existing buildings without an estimated £9.2m new build cost.
  3. Smaller schools provide development benefits in addition to educational goals.
  4. The loss of Lenzie Primary School will have an adverse impact on local shops through loss of footfall.
  5. The centre of Lenzie will lose its identity.
  6. The argument that the school roll is falling is flawed, not least, due to the ongoing new build in Lenzie and Kirkintilloch.
  7. EDC’s arguments that the proposed merger will not cause increased traffic are flawed.
  8. The key to a good education experience are the teachers not the school.