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  1. Susan McMillan

    School roll numbers have been vastly underestimated by the council. There is a large number of children moved into the Lenzie Primary School catchment area, due to new house building, the vast majority are of preschool age. Therefore the Council must understand the exact number of children before they close the catchment school. Lenzie Primary is a small village school at the heart of the community where all children know each other. A large school would not provide this. A large new school does not equate to a better education. In addition significant traffic congestion would occur. Interruption to education & job insecurity for teachers would also greatly affect education standards.

  2. alan gartshore

    I live next door to LMPS, I haven’t been consulted or advised about what is proposed.
    what I can say tho ‘ is this;

    what arrangements have been made to handle the increase in traffic, on both Moss road and Myrtle Ave ?
    what arrangements have been made to reduce the accident likelihood on both these streets.
    what arrangements have been made to reduce the noise nuisance, from both the school and late night arrivals and departures, doors slamming etc.
    when are the householders going to be consulted, its only in the past few weeks that we got to know about this, and i’m informed that meetings have been held in the school, pupils were shown videos etc, but nobody has been to see or canvas our opinion.
    it seems to me to be one sided.

  3. Fiona

    The Council is avoiding the traffic congestion issue by stating that traffic congestion will be considered once the proprosal is approved. Given the bottleneck location of the LMPS site, this issue needs answered now. The Council’s stance seems to be trying to avoid a fundamental flaw in their merger proposal. Priority is to email Lenzie Community Council as they are part of the formal consultation process.

    We can also try either email, calling or visiting our local councillors – Rhondda Geekie’s next surgery is 19 June from 1800-1900 at Kirkintilloch Leisure Centre.

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